Economic Developers Council of Ontario

Marketing Awards 2016


Q: Multiple submissions?

A: Multiple submissions can be made for the same category. In addition, the same initiative can be entered into multiple categories if it meets the criteria. Each submission is treated separately. For each individual entry, electronic and hard copies (if available) and the submission fee ($75 plus HST for EDCO members and $125 plus HST for non-members) are required.

Q: Payments?

A: Payments are accepted by Visa or MasterCard through a secure on-line site and will be processed at the end of your electronic submission (hard copies will be reconciled with on-line submissions). Payments can also be made by cheque; select the ‘Cheque’ option on the submission form and follow the instructions.

Q: Judges?

A: A panel of professionals from the fields of economic development, marketing, advertising and tourism judge the entries in the Promotional and Collaboration & Partnership categories. Visit the Judges section on the EDCO website to see this year’s judges.

A separate panel of EDCO Past Presidents judge the submissions in the Planning & Building Initiatives category. All judges will refrain from evaluating any submission that represents a conflict of interest.

Q: Feedback?

A: All submissions receive constructive feedback to assist with future projects, as well as future award submissions. Feedback will be emailed to the main submission contact after all of the winners have been notified. Submissions will now also receive a completed Scoring Card. Please review the Scoring Card.

Q: Partner Projects?

A: If you are submitting a partner project, one partner makes the submission on behalf of the group and must indicate all of the partners involved. If the project is selected for an award, EDCO will provide one award to the submitting partner. Additional awards can be ordered at the expense of the partners.

Q: Category Change?

A: If, after your submission is reviewed, it is found to be in an incorrect category, it will be moved to the appropriate one. The Awards Committee will attempt to inform any submission if a category change is necessary.

Q: Winners?

A: Finalists will be notified in December. Winners are encouraged to invite their mayor, councillors, CEOs and other key stakeholders and partners to the EDCO Annual President’s Dinner and Awards Ceremony to be held in Toronto.

Q: Awards Banquet Tickets?

A: Tickets may be purchased online starting in October at

Q: Hard Copy Submissions?

A: Hard copies are extremely valuable to the judging process and are required for ALL submissions. Judges have noted that they prefer to have a tangible product whenever possible. Hard copies allow judges to have access to the submission in the unlikely event that there are technical difficulties.

All hard copy submissions can be collected immediately following the EDCO Annual President’s Dinner and Award Ceremony. Submissions not picked up at that time will be destroyed.

Q: Population Category for Regional Groups?

A: If your organization represents a number of small communities, submit your entry based on the combined total population of all the represented communities.

Q: Internal Production Costs?

A: Estimating production costs assists the judges in understanding the cost/value and relating the quality of the production to the budget. Please estimate the amount of staff time used in full-time equivalencies.

Q: Projects that Qualify for Submission?

A: The Awards are open to all individuals, organizations, partnerships and jurisdictions undertaking municipal or regional economic development activities within the Province of Ontario. Entries must have been produced or implemented in the last 12 months (Oct. 2016 - Oct. 2017).